8-Pin Mini-DIN Single Ended Cable

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8-pin mini-DIN cables

Wire colors for 8-pin mini-DIN cables are labeled according to our standard 8-pin mini-DIN pinout:

  • Black – primary 4-20 mA current analog output
  • Brown – secondary analog output (if used, DC only)
  • Red – RS-232/485 digital serial input
  • Orange – setpoint input or remote tare (via grounding)
  • Yellow – RS-232/485 digital serial output
  • Green – primary 0-5, 1-5 or 0-10 volt DC analog output
  • Blue – DC power input
  • Purple/White – ground
Single-ended 8-pin cables

Single-ended DC Series cables have male 8-pin connectors on one side and a blunt cut cable on the other. They carry power, analog and digital signals.


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Bill Duncan
Model character mysteries! Why no P/N?

The Carts & Quotes should list your part numbers for all associated parts to these flow systems.
It would be helpful, on web page, to list and define the Model characters on your products, if you want to increase sales.