FP-25 Calibrator kit for Air Quality Monitoring

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Complete calibration kit for all of your air quality monitoring needs. Portable mass flow standard that calibrates temperature, pressure, and flow for a variety of air samplers.  NIST traceable readings with high accuracy for EPA reporting. Bluetooth and customized app makes remote calibration from your phone possible. Built in relative humidity sensor for even more accurate readings.


  • Measurement range: 0.5-100% of Full Scale
  • Flow measurement accuracy: ±1.0% of reading
  • Flow measurement repeatability: ±1.0% of reading
  • Operating pressure range:  9.5 to 80 PSIA
  • Pressure reading accuracy: ±0.1 PSIA
  • Operating temperature range: -30 to +60°C
  • Temperature probe accuracy: ±0.2°C
  • Humidity Range: 0 to 95% relative humidity
  • Relative Humidity Accuracy: ±3.5% relative humidity
  • Warm up time: <1 second
  • Pressure drop: 0.16 PSID
  • Process connections: 1/4" NPT - female
  • Dimensions: 6.049"x2.500"x1.250"

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