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FlowVision 2.0™ is Alicat’s next generation of flow and pressure control software, enabling users to easily collect and analyze data from Alicat mass flow and pressure instruments. FlowVision 2.0™ is available for free download.


  • Plug-and-play support for up to 26 Alicat instruments
  • Data charting and logging to CSV and SQL databases
  • Scripting system for customized functions
  • Run multiple instances of FlowVision 2.0™ simultaneously and on different monitors
  • Easily change displayed units of measurement and controller setpoint (if equipped)
  • Easy access to the gas calibration selector
  • Address assignment to individual devices
  • PID loop tuning parameters (PID control loop can increase speed of response and stability for your application)
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Choose Flow Vision MX for simple gas mixing applications for up to 10 mass flow controllers. Both work editions work well with our multi-drop breakout boxes to simplify connections to your computer.

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