BASIS Series Thermal Mass Flow Controllers and Meters

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BASIS™ mass flow controllers offer repeatable, reliable gas flow control in a compact, economical package for high-quantity orders. Designed for stress-free integration within original equipment manufacturer (OEM) products, BASIS features a small footprint, high-accuracy MEMS sensor and Alicat’s leading fast valve control.

  • Reliable. BASIS controllers won’t let you down. NIST-traceable accuracy and repeatable control ensure that your product works the same on Day 700 as it did on Day 1.
  • Responsive. Pressure spikes won’t ruin your day. Industry-leading control speed and PD valve tuning lets BASIS mass flow controllers get ahead of the unexpected.
  • Compatible. Do more with BASIS controllers. A small footprint, calibration for multiple gases and dual analog-digital communications give your team greater design flexibility.

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